Monday, August 30, 2021

ILV Granuaile


A short film of the ILV Granuaile by the brilliant Nick fro Holywood who produces the Irelandscapes series of films. Film shot August 2021 off the coast of coast of Antrim.

A beautiful short film, many thanks to Nick, for the above video, taken off the Antrim coast of the Granuaile which has been in the service of Irish Lights since 2000, the latest in a long line of ILTs, stretching back to the 1860s, when Irish Lights stopped getting a lend of the Trinity House tender and got their very own one.
The Granuaile is the third such tender of that name. A very academic search of Wikipaedia reveals a list of previous tenders: -

Princess Alexandra (1863–1904)
Tearaght (1892–1928)       
Moya (1893–1905)    
Ierne (1898–1954)        
Alexandra (1904–1955)        
Deirdre (1919–1927)       
Nabro (1926–1949)       
Isolda (1928–1940)        
Discovery II (1947–1948)       
Valonia (1947–1962)        
Granuaile (1948–1970)        
Blaskbeg (1953–1955)        
Isolda (1953–1976)        
Ierne II (1955–1971)       
Atlanta (1959–1988)      
Granuaile II (1970–2000)        
Gray Seal (1988–1994)

     I'm not convinced this is a full list, even though it was taken from an old CIL site. But Irish Light Tenders are not my primary focus of interest, so any help / corrections would be most welcome. There was a tender called the Alert in the 1800s and I'm currently trying to find out whether the Flying Foam was an Irish Lights vessel in the 1870s. Meanwhile, here's a few gratuitous photos of former tenders: -

The Alexandra 1906

Gray Seal

The Atlanta

The Princess Alexandra and the Moya c.1903 off Skellig Michael

Granuaile II with the Coningbeg Light Vessel (photo copyright Jack Higginbotham)

The Umbria

The ill-fated Isolda

The first Ierne at the Fastnet c 1904

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