Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rockabill Lighthouse

This is a bit of a cheat, as I haven't actually got around to seeing this one yet except from the air! Located off Skerries, most views of it are aerial, so this is a rare ground view. Picture painted by Finbarr Collins (not really!)

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Lightship Kittiwake, Dun Laoghaire, co. Dublin

Sitting in the harbour in Dun Laoghaire
The Commissioners of Irish Lights have put the former automatic lightfloat Kittiwake up for sale on an "as is where is" basis. The ship is currently moored on the Carlisle Pier and was built of steel in 1959. It is 41.8 metres long with a mean draught of 3.35 metres and an approximate displacement of 600 tons.
Update: (June 2008) The Lightship has since been sold and is moored on the Liffey adjacent to the "Point Village" development

Dun Laoghaire West Lighthouse, co. Dublin

This was the nearest I got to the West Lighthouse. The two lighthouses are situated at either end of the harbour entrance. I chose to walk the East Pier.

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Dun Laoghaire East Lighthouse, co. Dublin

At the end of a long walk along the harbour wall, it was rather disappointing to find the lighthouse blocked off by the castle-like ramparts near the end.

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Muglins Lighthouse, Dalkey, co. Dublin

The top picture is not mine. The bottom picture is how near to it I could get. The land in front of it is another island. This is really more a light than a lighthouse.
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North Bank Lighthouse, co. Dublin

Further in towards Dublin than Poolbeg, this yoke sits in the middle of the mouth of the Liffey. Sadly, the docks conspire to block the closest view.

North Bull Lighthouse co. Dublin

Located at the end of the North Bull Wall, opposite Poolbeg Light. This is the nearest I could get to it, not having a boat.

Poolbeg Lighthouse, co. Dublin

This dumpy lighthouse sits at the very end of a long breakwater. Even though you can drive your car most of the way there, it is still a good 15 minutes walk from the nearest car access. More terracotta than red, at least you can touch the thing!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hook Head Lighthouse, co. Wexford

A brilliant lighthouses and one of the oldest in Europe. You can have a guided tour and can go up to all the various levels almost to the top, from where the sea crashing against the rocks below is quite spectacular. Visitors shop, cafe, etc etc
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Loop Head, co. Clare

Like most of our lighthouses, only reached by a long drive down a very narrow and precipitous track. The lighthouse itself is enclosed by a whitewashed wall which prevents you getting anywhere near it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tarbert Lighthouse, co. Kerry

This was taken on the ferry crossing from Tarbert to Killimer.

Mizen Head Lighthouse, co. Cork

Another brilliant lighthouse, reached by a long, narrow drive across spectacular scenery and then a bit of a walk around a headland over a narrow bridge to get here. Not a tower lighthouse, as the building is already at a height above sea-level. There is a bit of a tour around it and a shop too.
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Greenore Lighthouse, co. Louth

Actually inside the dock area and so only viewed over a whitewashed wall

Drogheda North Lighthouse, co. Meath

On a track near the mouth of the Boyne estuary (south side) Light surrounded by wall within a private dwelling. This photo taken from the car as a large Alsatian prevented closer inspection!

Drogheda West Lighthouse, co. Meath

Along a track leading to the beach at Mornigton at the mouth of the Boyne estuary. Graffiti strewn. Within the grounds of a private house but good views from nearby.

Drogheda East Lighthouse, co. Meath

Along a track leading to Mornington beach on the south side of the Boyne estuary. Surrounded by a brick wall, the whole thing rather resembles an electricity power station. Views either over the wall or through the barred gate. Note Drogheda West Lighthouse in the background

Balbriggan Lighthouse, co. Dublin

Located at the end of the harbour wall in Balbriggan - Lighthouse could probably do with a bit of a clean up!

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Haulbowline, co. Down

The top photo is not mine. The bottom is taken from the beach at Cranfield Point in co Down

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Killyleagh Lighthouse, co. Down

Is this a lighthouse? My Ireland road atlas says it is, but I can find no reference elsewhere to this light in Strangford Lough. This view from the harbour area of Killyleagh.
This is apparently Town Rock. A sector light was installed on top of the tower in 2011 as a means to augment the poor navigation aids in the Lough.
" Built sometime in the 19th Century to help guide vessels into Killyleagh, it would originally have had an open fire burning atop at night or in bad weather rather than a light."
Source -

Swan Island, Strangford

This is situated smack bang in the middle of the entrance to Strangford Lough. I didn't take the ferry, so this is taken from Strangford.

St. John's Point, co. Down

On a wild headland. The road goes all the way up there but there is a sign at a gate about 200 yards away saying "No Visitors Allowed" from where this photo was taken.
First established in 1844, the tower has been painted white, white with black bands (1902 - 1954) and the above colour scheme since 1954.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rathlin Island Rue Point Lighthouse

I like lighthouses you can touch. This is on the south point of the island reached by a 90 minute walk down a track, then across a field (full of sheep droppings), past numerous seals basking and finally a little paved track leading over the rocks. Great views of the Northern Island and Scottish coastlines.
Built in 1915, destroyed by a storm in 1917, temporary light erected before this beauty was born in 1921.

Rathlin East Lighthouse (2)

Reached by a 20 minute walk from the village. (Keep going up the hill away from the harbour, heading north) A bit disappointed that a stone wall prevents you getting closer. Robert the Bruce allegedly had his spider encounter in a cave nearby. Built 1856. Also known as Altacarry Head, there is a low light here also, the white domed structure that can be seen between the light and the keeper's cottage in the top picture.

Rathlin West Lighthouse

Built in 1917, a spectacular setting at the far western edge of Rathlin.

The famous Upside Down Lighthouse in that the light is located at the foot of the building. This pic taken from the wall above at the end of a steep path down to the puffin-viewing platform. (The puffins incidentally are gone by mid-August, when I went) Reached either by a long walk or by a trip on the Puffin Bus which meets the ferry and brings people there and back for £5 per head.