Friday, November 21, 2008

Fanad Head

Continue past the turn off for Portsalon, following the signs for Cionn na Fhanada. At the T-junction, turn right and the lighthouse will come into view after about 3kms. A most photogenic lighthouse, whether from near or far.
The lighthouse itself dates from 1886, though there was a station there since 1817.

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Dunree Head

Didn't manage to get to this lighthouse which is on the west coast of the Inishowen peninsular. Had to content myself with a photo from Portsalon on the east coast of the Fanad peninsular. Not a great photo but it was a very gloomy late November afternoon.
Built 1876.

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Moville Lighthouse

Arrived in Moville, armed with a description that the lighthouse was 1/3 mile off shore.
Took the short side street down to the Lough and you can't miss it, dead ahead of you and it doesn't seem like 1/3 mile anyway.
Built in 1882, this is the largest of a series of pile lighthouses built at the end of the 19th Century. The keepers lived in town but spent the night in the watch room. Together with the Cobh Harbour lighthouse, there are only 3 of these left in the country.

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Warren Point Lighthouse

A few miles south of the Inishowen Head lighthouse is Warren Point. In order to access it, you need to drive into the Greencastle Golf Club, park in the car park, walk past the first tee, across a fairway and down to Lough Foyle. Station established in 1861.

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Inishowen Head

Spending three days in Letterkenny in November. On one of the days we did the Inishowen peninsular and there are three lighthouses in about five miles up on the northern end of the R241.
The most northerly is Inishowen Head - turn right in Shroove and the road winds right past it. Built in 1837 it was actually one of a pair, the other being demolished in 1961.
My wife doesn't like either photo as they don't include the sea!

Note - the second light was not demolished See here

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