Saturday, February 6, 2010

Copper Point Long Island

More crappy photos, tortuously brought to this blog by non-digital camcorder, DVD hard drive, then a photo of a still image.
Taken from the Schull - Cape Clear ferry as you leave Roaringwater Bay on the way out. Built in 1864, this was a daybeacon only until a light was added thirty years ago.


Okay, not a great photo. Taken in August 2004 from Mizen Head, Ireland's tallest and most famous lighthouse broods alone in the Atlantic. Located off the south west point of Ireland, it welcomes boats from America and is the focus of the famous Fastnet sailing race.
Taken on an old non-digital camcorder, which was transferred to DVD, which was then photographed on the telly!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mizen Head Lighthouse revisited

Six years after we were down in West Cork, my daughter went back and took these photographs. The actual light is on top of the white octagonal building. These lights lie just to the seaward of the building.
A spectacular setting, even the path to the lighthouse must have taken an age to construct!