Sunday, September 4, 2016


Inishsirrer is a skinny island off the northernmost part of western Ireland. It is about 1 mile long by 0.4 miles wide. It used to have a small population but they are long gone.

On the northern end of it sits a concrete hut. I have no idea why the Lighthouse Directory lists it as a lighthouse while other concrete huts of the same style and size (Ravedy Island etc) fail to qualify but an official lighthouse it is. It consists of a white square concrete hut 13 feet tall, sitting at an elevation of 65 feet. The light characteristic is Fl.W. period 3.7s fl. 0.7s, ec. 3s, if that makes any sense.

Best place to see it? Well you can see it from Bloody Foreland, but a couple of miles down the R257 somewhere near Brinlack is probably your best bet without hiring a boat.
Best time to see it? Well, it was after 5 o'clock by the time I got here and the sun was just at the wrong angle. From Bloody Foreland, the hut was just a silhouette but at least I gort a bit of light at Brinlack. Probably the morning time would be best, sun-wise.

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