Friday, September 2, 2016

Inishowen Head West

And so, continuing northwards I eventually hit Inishowen Head Lighthouse at Shroove or Shrove, about one mile south of Inishowen Head. The last time I was here, I just hopped out, took a couple of quick snaps and was gone, not realising there was a second lighthouse on the site!

The twin towers bearing east and west were of cut stone, 153 yards (140m) apart. The overall height of this tower was 49 feet (15m) and it was painted white. The fixed white light was 67 feet (20.4m) above high water and was established on 1st December 1837. In 1871, the height of the tower was increased by 25 ft (7.5m) when a cast iron tower was added to the original stumpy bit, above the black rail, as can be seen in the photographs.

55°13.566' North 06°55.749' West
G197°-211° (14°), W211°-249° (38°), R249°-000° (111°),
Fl(2) WRG 10s.
W 18 nautical miles. R 14 nautical miles. G 16 nautical miles

View from Warren Point

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