Saturday, September 3, 2016

Buncrana Pierhead Old

Continuing my North coast odyssey, I drove the short distance from Dunree Head to Buncrana, where I knew there were two lights. I hadn't bothered to note an address for either of them, thinking that Buncrana is small and the lighthouses are on the coast. Well, Buncrana's not that small and arriving in the centre of town was unsure which way to go. Two factors helped me choose the right road - I was heading south, the midday sun was ahead of me, so I'd want to be heading right to hit Lough Swilly (which had disappeared of course, as large bodies of water often do) And the road slightly downhill often is the one to follow when looking for shorelines.

Of course, after 100 yards the beautiful Lough Swilly came into view. I could see the ferry steaming in from Rathmullen, so headed for where it was headed. On the way, along the seafront (Grianan Road) I passed the older lighthouise situated on a most picturesque park area with incredible views on a sunny day.

The blurb for the lighthouse can be found on the plaque which I photographed (below) so I won't go through it again. This and other sources seem to suggest that this was the original structure that stood on the pier from 1876

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