Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oyster Island

As you drive into Rosses Point, the neat little lighthouse on Oyster Island hoves into view on your left. Yet again, it is very photogenic with its buff walls, white lantern and red guard rail.

Back in 1837, two lights were established on Oyster Island (so called due to the large amount of oysters that were once found on its shores) Lining the two lights up would help to guide ships through the narrow channel between Coney Island and the mainland. Then, around 1893, they decided to change the approach. The two lights were dismantled and one light – the present one – was constructed on the western edge of the island, in much the same position as the old front light. This light then became the rear light, with the Metal Man on Perch Rock acting as the front light. Clear?

Shocked to discover it is six years since I was here last

Okay, so where exactly was the old rear light on Oyster Island? Umm. No idea. Presumably somewhere to the east of the present light. The island’s not that big. There’s a ruin of a house near the north eastern shore (above)

A bit further east there’s a rectangular stone wall that might at one time have marked a lighthouse compound. But I am only guessing.