Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bantry Bay Lights

Okay, a few lights from around the Bere Island area. This rather substantial green light marks the entrance to the tiny harbour at Pontoon, or Beal Lough, where you catch Murphy's Ferry on the mainland over to Rerrin on the eastern side of Bere Island. From the coast road between Adrigole and Castletownbere, watch out for a small lane down to the coast, signposted for Bere Island.

The last time I was here in 2004, the heavens opened. They must have remembered me, for they did so again. N51°39.26' W9°51.24'

Let me introduce you to George. George is a beacon operated by the Commissioner of Irish Lights. He is rather new, situated between the eastern end of Bere Island and the mainland on the Beara peninsular. I can find nothing else about him.

This bottom beacon is Carrigavadra or the Dog Rocks, located off the east point of Bere Island. It is an unlit beacon and there are plans to replace it with a proper Aton (Aid to Navigation) soon.


  1. Thank you very much for your interesting comments and especially the photos. They are very useful for me preparing our next Ireland holiday next week. Altough I myself prefer to stay on the dry shore ;-) Would you be able to tell me where exactly Pontoon is located? Up to now I couldn't find it anywhere except in the discovery points of the WWW, but they don't give you an exact location ...
    Thank yout very much

  2. Hi Erika, Pontoon is located at N51°39.26' W9°51.24'. From Adrigole take the R572 along the coast towards Castletownbere. You should see the bulk of Bere Island on your left hand side out in the bay. After you get level with Bere Island, drive another two miles and watch out for a sign for a crossroads. There are a lot of signs on the road turning left., including one or two for Bere Island. Pontoon is only 300 yards down there. Have a great holiday!!

  3. Thank you very much for your quick reply! We will follow your directions ;-)
    I really enyoy your website very much - Thank you!!!
    As you probably guessed from my English, we're coming from Germany, to be more exact, Frankfurt/Main. I'm just a little cautious to put too much information on the internet ...
    Kindest regards
    The time it gives is not correct - it is exactly 23.43 here now ;-))

  4. We visited Frankfurt one year for the Weihnachtsmarkt. Beautiful city - well, the centre anyway! If you need more information for your trip, my email is