Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Muglins Lighthouse revisited

 An unexpected free morning last week and I decided to venture south of the Liffey to re-visit a couple of lights in south county Dublin.
First point of call was the Coliemore Road in Dalkey, where I'd snapped the Muglins the last time I was here. This time I had the camcorder, so got better photos, though the sun steadfastly refused to shine.
The Muglins is located on the outermost of a group of islands lying just offshore from Dalkey, a couple of miles south from Dun Laoghaire. Muglins Beacon, which stands 30 feet high, was completed in October 1880 and was painted white, the red stripe being added three years later. Its status became a lighthouse only in 1979.

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