Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ferris Point Lighthouse,

 From the Blackhead Light, take the Islandmagee Road northwards up into the peninsular. The picturesque is stunningly beautiful until you reach the stunningly ugly power station. At the end of the road, turn left and where the road bends left, the lighthouse is to your right.
Ireland finally entered the technological age in 1976 with this ultra-modern, space-age black glass box housed in a white tower, standing guard over the northern approaches to Larne Harbour, across the water from Chaine Tower. Sadly, it was to be a short-lived success for the tower was completely swamped by the chimneys of the aforementioned power station behind it and the Larne Harbour floodlights and it was decommissioned in 1974
The tower is now used as the harbour control tower for the port of Larne. It also boasts a CIL helipad.

A traditional lighthouse has been on the site since 1839, when it was known as Larne Lough Lighthouse. Despite scouring the net for nearly thirty seconds, I have only managed to come up with one image of the old lighthouse, and that copyrighted by the Belfast Telegraph.


  1. Peter, your dates seem to be in reverse above, the light being taken out of commission in 1974, but built/rebuilt in 1976?

  2. Denis, sorry for only taking 2 years to reply!! Yes, you're quite right. The light was taken out of commission in 1994, not 1974!! Good spot!