Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blackhead Lighthouse, Whitehead

My daughter, Louise, had to attend a conference in Belfast today, so I very magnanimously offered to drive her up there. Basically I had six hours before I picked her up again, so I headed north on the A2 to the lovely peninsular of Islandmagee.
 Blackhead Lighthouse (be careful, there is another Blackhead Light in co Clare) sits high on a cliff at the north end of Whitehead Bay. It can be reached from two ways - a spectacular beach walk from the town of Whitehead (from which I am assured the views of the light are spectacular) or the more lazy drive up McCrae's Brae and along the contours of Muldersleigh Hill. The lighthouse is right at the end of the road but you might want to park up just before you hit the first corner, as turning places are scarce.
 Blackhead Light was only completed in 1902, having been designed by William Douglass, Engineer to the Commissioner of Irish Lights. The octagonal tower was originally painted red, but this was changed to white in 1929. The adjoining cottages are apparently available to rent out.


  1. Not only are these available to rent out, but they are sublime, the lighthouse is working, and you can spend your evenings sitting by it. I fully recommend booking this for a stay if possible - went with 8 friends in 2012 and it was one of the best trips we ever took!

  2. Hi Sean
    Yes it's a fantastic location all right with a sublime view back to Whitehead
    I think they're a bit pricey to rent unless there's a gang of you like you did yourselves.