Saturday, February 25, 2023

Lightkeeping graffiti

R. Polly; J. Campbell; R. Nelson; P. McMahon; R.G. Hamilton; P. Barry; J.A. Martin; T. Glanville; G. McCurdy; L. Jones

I have no idea where I came across the picture above. Its on my pc entitled Mew cupboard, so I presume forty years of keepers left their names there for posterity. Maybe they couldn't find the visitors' book?
On Inishtrahull, a couple of years ago, Irish Lights were burning a load of furniture from the keepers' dwellings to safeguard the integrity of the dwellings. Thankfully somebody at least managed to take a photo of some more lightkeeping graffiti on the back of a wardrobe: -

J. Cleary 1966/70; Jas. Walsh 1929; John Walsh 1929 - 1935

James Walsh 1924

There is also, apparently, a flat slab facing the sea in front of the house on Mutton Island, on which has been carved the name "D. Hawkins." Unfortunately there were two lightkeepers named Daniel Hawkins, one born in 1864. Or it could have been a child of either of them.


  1. A very distinctive W Pete...says I in Sherlock Holmes mode 😀

  2. An impressive W, all right, Andrew. I'm contemplating changing my name to Willie Walker simply to emulate it. Pete