Tuesday, August 30, 2016

River Bann Leading Lights

Front and rear leading lights

About a quarter of a mile upriver from the entrance to the Bann at Barmouth lies the first of the leading lights that mark the correct approach for vessels heading inland to Coleraine. The front light is situated on the shore, while the rear light sits nestled a further 300 yards south east among the gorse of the dunes. Reaching the front light from the pier involves walking over a couple of easyish dunes and then a short walk along the small beach. 

The front light is a five meter high white pyramid metal tower Oc 5s 6m 2M sitting on a stone plinth. The light itself is 6m above sea level.

The rear light is a white square concrete tower, its light sitting 14 meters above sea level. Oc 5s 14m 2M  Position 55° 9.869' N 006° 46.173' W

Chart from In Your Footsteps showing how the two lights combine to guide incoming traffic past the entrance to the Bann

The Bann is well served by port and starboard markers

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