Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Culmore Point

Culmore Point Light beacon is a green round tower with a black base that stands at the entrance to Culmore Bay and the River Foyle. A light was established here in 1848 and the current structure dates from the 1920s. And it is one of the few lighthouses I have come across that is conspicuously marked with its night, in case it should be misplaced, I assume. It consists of a 23 ft conical tower painted white with a green base and stands next to Culmore Fort. One would imagine that local residents 50 years ago would have found the spot idyllic but the aesthetic beauty of the spot has been somewhat marred by the modern and necessary but rather ugly Londonderry Docks across the river and a bloody great pylon .

Like Ballynagard, the light itself was formerly displayed through the opening near the top of the structure but sadly this light is no longer active. The lighthouse here has been replaced by a functional nonentity a few metres away (see photo at the bottom of page)

The original 1848 light here consisted on a mast on top of a wooden box, displaying a fixed light

Son of Culmore Light

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