Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuskar Lighthouse Relief Cottages (2)

So, to continue the story of the lightkeepers' cottages from the previous post, the lightkeepers' families continued to live on the rock from 1834. Due to the cramped nature of the accommodation available, the Ballast Board endeavoured to only post unmarried or childless keepers to Tuskar. The dwellings were expanded in 1856, 1857 and 1875 and eventually shore accommodation was built overlooking Rosslare harbour in 1886.

The houses aren't difficult to locate - they are the first block of houses along the cliff walk that leads from the main road to a point overlooking the pier. As per the bottom picture, they are highly visible from the port itself, though necessitating a steep walk uphill.

The houses were eventually sold to the Railway Hotels company in 1973. The Great Southern Hotel next door is currently for sale for €350,000 and presumably these houses are part of a job lot. The doors and ground floor windows are boarded up and the gardens unkempt but oh, what a location!

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