Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lightkeepers Cottages, Skerries

 This is the lighthouse keepers' shore accommodation on Harbour Road in Skerries (follow the road to the pier and then turn right towards the public car park) They were used by the families of the keepers who manned the Rockabill lighthouse offshore.

The lighthouse was relieved by a local boat from Skerries, or by one of the vessels owned by the Trinity Board, until 1970. From then it was relieved by helicopter.
There were a total of six lightkeepers doing duty on the rock. Three were stationed on the rock doing four weeks duty at a time, while the other three had four weeks liberty. The keepers and their families lived in houses specially built for them in Harbour Road. These houses were sold individually in 1975.

View from the sea


  1. When were they built?

    1. Can't find an exact date but think the first decade of the 1900s is the most likely.