Monday, April 29, 2013

Roche's Point revisited

 Okay, not quite re-visited but another perspective to the light the last time I was here The original lighthouse  at this site was dismantled stone by stone and rebuilt at Duncannon. The present lighthouse dates from 1835.

 Roche's Point is one of Ireland's most famous lighthouses, featuring a lot on shipping forecasts. It is situated on a promontory on the east side of the entrance to Cork Harbour. These are views from near Crosshaven on the western end of the promontory. To get to this point, drive to Crosshaven and at the roundabout in the village centre, take the road that passes the big stone house with the blue door (you can't miss it!)
 When I was at the lighthouse last, it was very foggy and the Roche's Point fog signal was booming out long and fast. Apparently the fog signal has now been silenced and local residents can get a bit of sleep on foggy nights.

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