Monday, April 29, 2013

Charles Fort (2)

Kinsale was a very important town in Ireland in the 16th and 17th centuries, lying on the trade route between England Ireland and Spain. The approaches to the harbour are very narrow and Barry Oge's Castle was chosen to become one of Ireland's first six public lighthouses in 1665. This light was not so much to warn ships away from the shore but to illuminate the shore for the seafarers trying to find their way in and out of the harbour.
 Because of the threat of attack by foreign foes at Kinsale, two forts were built on either side of the harbour approaches. Barry Oge's Castle had been razed to the ground by Crown forces intent on destroying the power of Gaelic chieftains and Charles Fort was built on the sight. A light was shone from there continually, but we don't know where from. However there is a reference in 1804 to a light being shone from the upstairs window of the married quarters.
 A very helpful guide was kind enough to point out to me where the married quarters were located and where the window probably was (above and below)

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