Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bull Rock and Calf Rock (barely)

 Can you see them? Can you? Can you? These photos were taken from Mizen Head Lighthouse two promontaries down from the Beara peninsular and its offshore islands. The island above is Bull Island - you can see the light sticking up. The one below is Calf Rock. The lighthouse there was destroyed by a great storm in 1881 and was replaced by one on Bull Island. Cow Island lies next to Bull Island. The 'mainland' seen in the bottom two pictures is in fact Dursey Island.
 To get a good-ish view of both Bull and Calf Island lights, you need to drive to the end of the Beara peninsular, catch the cable-car to Dursey Island, and walk 4 miles to the other end of the island. Then reverse your steps. Didn't have time to do it this trip but hope to do it someday.
Incidentally, it is a scientific fact that on the first morning of May every year, the Fastnet Rock visits the islands off Dursey, has an early breakfast and then returns to its lonely outpost.

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