Monday, April 16, 2012

Eagle Island West

 Not quite sure why this is Eagle Island West! There are two lighthouses on the island which appears to run north to south. This is the more southerly one.
Right, don't ask me how I got there. I set the sat nav for a place called Aghadoon, which seemed it might afford the best views from the mainland. At Belmullet, it branched out west towards the west coast of the peninsular, which was okay except it then kept on asking me to turn right up grass-covered lanes. So I ignored it and continued on the road until I saw the sea. Here, there was a small road, leading north, which soon deteriorated into a gravel track. About a mile on I ended up opposite Eagle Island.
 It really is a spectacular sight and looked so peaceful and tranquil today. When I went to the Broadhaven Light, I met a man who lived with a view of the lighthouse and he says he has often seen the sea coming over the top of the light, which must be some view! He also told ogf a huge wave in the 1860s which actually broke the light.
The island is currently uninhabited, being served by the helicopter from Blacksod. Both the east and west lights were built in 1835

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