Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slyne Head East and West, co. Galway

Two for the price of one I suppose, though I'd have liked to get a little nearer! The one on the left, no longer in use, is Slyne Head East and the black one is, surprisingly, Slyne Head West. They were originally twin lights built in 1837 but the east light was abandoned in 1898. The west light was painted black in 1907.
To get there, drive to Ballyconneely on the R341 and then turn westwards, signposted for the Connemara Smokehouse and other places. Watch out for a hand painted signpost for the Connemara Golf Club on your right hand side (don't drive to Berowne Bay - spectacular views but no lights) Before you reach the Golf Course you go over a small hillock, from where I got the pictures above. Maddeningly, as you get nearer to the lights, they disappear behind Slyne Head itself (the lights are on Illaunamid, an islet further out) until the road ends up in a caravan park and a road saying No Trespassing.

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