Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mystery Lighthouse, Clifden, co Galway

Approaching the western end of the Sky Road out of Clifden, I happened to glance down across the bay and on the far side, noticed this white structure at the end of the headland opposite.
Is it a lighthouse? Could it be some kind of marker that doesn't have a light, like the Metal Man in Tramore, co Waterford? It certainly looks as though it ought to be a lighthouse and one of the Bed and Breakfasts on the Sky Road is called Lighthouse View (there are no other lighthouses in view)
But I can find absolutely nothing about it anywhere!!


  1. There are two of these in the bay this one and further out off inish turbot and are locally know as the "white lady" and "white man", they are day time markers, you line them up on the outside of the bay so your clear of all hidden rock etc coming into clifden bay. This is what I have been told. Drop the clifden RNLI an email and they will give you the info required.

  2. BTD, many thanks for that! Clears it up