Monday, August 31, 2009

Lightship Petrel

And so to the lightship Petrel. I didn't think I'd find this, as directions were pretty vague but it rather fell into our laps. Go into Balloo on the A22. At the Saintfield crossroads take the road signposted Whiterock. Go through Killinchy and when yo get to Whiterock, there is a sudden bend to the left. Keep following this road, ignoring a road that leads right across a causeway, and after about 3/4 mile, the lightship is on your right.
Built around 1915, decommissioned in 1968, it has been the headquarters of the Down Cruising Club since 1969. Delighted to find a lightship that has been put to some use.


  1. Great new posts... you have been busy... Cheers, Neal

  2. Hi Neal, good to hear from you. Yes, we did a County Down blitz on Saturday. Permission from my wife so long as I got her back to Newry to do some shopping before the shops closed.
    So, as always, a bit hectic. Will publish the comments tonight, if I get the chance.
    How about yourself, anything new?