Monday, August 31, 2009

Angus Rock Subsidiary Lights

Right! When viewing the Angus Rock light from Kilclief, there appears to be two further lights on either side. Neither are listed in Trabas' Online List of Irish Lights, which is strange. This one above appears to be located on the most southerly point of Angus Rock itself...

...while this baby looks to be sitting in the water off the northerly end of Angus Rock. I can find absolutely nothing about them but this one in particular looks like more of a lighthouse than some others I could mention - Muglins, Arklow Roadstone Pier etc


  1. the small structure beside angus rock lighthouse is
    is an navigation obilisk called tail of angus.The further white one you see is also an obilisk called pladdy lug. i hope this helps. no lights needed on them.
    noel m

  2. Hi Noel,

    Many thanks for that. I scoured the net but could find nothing about them. Unlit beacons, eh? Well, that clears that up! Thanks again, Peter