Sunday, September 14, 2008


Comparatively easy to find, lying as it does on an island off Ballycotton harbour, from where the first two pictures are taken. Actually it is on the second island out (see below) The bottom picture was taken from the north shore of Ballycotton Bay. Built in 1851, this lighthouse is completely black, save for a red galley rail and a small white hoop just above it. I love the path scored on the island's northern face like the mark of Zorro!


  1. Hi Pete,
    Great blog and brilliant photographs. I am preparing lesson plans for 5th/6th class students on Irish lighthouses. I also want to include something on fog horns.Some one mentioned to me that this was covered in a programme about lighthouses but they can't remember what the programme was. Any chance you might know as I was hoping to buy the DVD to show to the class. Any assistance would be appreciated.
    Kate student teacher

  2. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for the kind comments. Afraid I haven't a clue about the DVD - I'd be interested in that myself! Any information I have is on lighthouses is gleaned from the Lighthouse Directory (link on main page) or one of the links they give to the Irish section. CIL (Commissioner of Irish Lights) might help -

  3. I love Ballycotton harbor...but quite honestly it isn't the prettiest lighthouse when seen up close, is it? Still a lovely spot and I enjoy going there when ever I visit Ireland.

    ...from one who shares your lighthouse obsession, just on another coastline.

  4. Hi Caite,
    Well, to me, all lighthouses are beautiful, even the dumpy, squat ones covered in graffiti.
    But I do agree - painting it totally black doesn't really lend itself to its natural surroundings, does it?
    One day I'd love to visit Maine - some of your lighthouses there are truly world famous!