Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Ashfield Cross Roundabout Lighthouse

The Tuskar Rock. One of the first Irish lighthouses to be built by the Ballast Board and its inspector, George Halpin, way back in 1815. Its been standing guard on its treacherous rock for over 200 years and is as much a national monument as an aid to navigation.
The only problem with it, is that its not a great photographic subject. Just that little bit too far off the coast of Rosslare unless you have a camera that costs as much as a month's rent in Ballsbridge. And there are no boat tours out to the Tuskar, even though I imagine they'd be very popular.
However, although Mohammed can't get to the mountain, thanks to Wexford resident, Damian Mcaleenan, the mountain has obligingly swum up to Rosslare and waltzed up the Dublin road in search of that esteemed gentleman.
I wrote last year about plans by the Rosslare Municipal District to install a replica of the Tuskar on the Ashfield Cross Roundabout on the otherwise uninteresting main road out of the port. In that article, I said it was expected to be complete by the year's end.
Well, it wasn't and as time dragged on, I started thinking it was going to be one of those projects that never saw the light of day. But again, I was wrong for a couple of days ago, artist Damian Mcaleenan got in touch to say the replica light was going to be up and running on Monday 20th May.
Damian was fortunate enough to be given a VIP tour of the Tuskar when he was drawing up plans for the replica. Other than that, he's a very likable chap and he's done an excellent job of reproducing the distinctive outbuildings and tower. The structure had been ready to move into position for quite a while but the wheels of local authority run slowly.
But finally its up and its a great addition to the port hinterland! Damian very kindly sent me a video of its establishment

together with some shots in the warehouse previously

Incidentally, my apologies for my absence from the blog. Too much on my plate at the moment and something had to give. Sorry.


  1. Thank you for writing this about my amazing talented husband.

  2. Terrible way to treat yer peeps Pete 😆 good to have a post from ya