Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Lighthouse Tavern Inver, co. Mayo


It has been a good while since we were able to have a pint in a 'Lighthouse' pub. On one of the few nice days we had on our recent visit to the area, we just happened to chance upon this large and spacious and practically empty pub in the village of Inver, across Broadhaven Bbay from Ballyglass lighthouse, which isn't visible from the pub. At the risk of sounding like the Pub Spy guy I remember from the Sunday World forty years ago, it was a lovely creamy pint and a very affable and friendly barman who served it.

Other lighthouse pubs to be found on this site include

Bull Rock

I would also swear that I had posted up a picture of lighthouse pubs at Howth and Loop Head but do you think I can find them?

There is also Lavelle's Eagle Bar at Corclough on the Mullet penisula. Doesn't have 'Lighthouse' in the name, but obviously called after nearby Eagle Island, on which the only buildings are the two lighthouses.


  1. A creamy pint is a vital plus in my book

  2. Creamy pints are pretty standardly delicious these days. Very occasionally, you get one that goes above and beyond. Its my quest to search out these pints hence my diligent research.

  3. I am sad to inform you that the Lighthouse Bar in Howth is long gone, it was a lovely well run pub. A block of apartments there now.

    1. Always sad to hear that a much-loved pub has closed, but a lighthouse pub too? I'm sure I have a photograph somewhere.

    2. The forty foot in Dún Laoghaire is another lighthouse pub