Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Belfast Pile Light No. 4 (lost light)

Okay, a short summary of Belfast lights to this point.
1844 - 1889 - Belfast Lough Pile Light
1851 - 1891 - Lighthouses 2) and 3) Pile Lights
1851? - 1965 - Lighthouse on the tip of East Twin Island
1850s - 1960s - East Twin Lighthouse
1891 - 1959 - Outer Pile Light No.1 - Replacing the 1844 Light
1891 - 1892 - Pile Light No.2
1891 - 1897 - Pile Light No.3

And so we have the fourth pile light built by Belfast Harbour Commissioners to light the new straight channel from the sea proper to the docks. It came into existence in 1891 and contained accommodation for a lightkeeper and his wife. What can I say about this magnificent structure?
Well, it was identical to Pile Lights 2 and 3 in both size and shape and lights shown (green, fixed) Numbers 2 and 3 both got struck by vessels and were demolished with tragic loss of life.

This is actually a drawing of No.2 Light. As it was identical to No. 4 light, I reproduce it here for decorative purposes.

Maybe the No. 4 lightkeeper decided enough was enough. The old 1844 Holywood Pile Light had been destroyed by a paddle steamer in 1889. Three pile lights demolished in eight years?
And, so, for some reason they pulled it down in 1898. 

Notice in the Belfast Newsletter 30th June 1898

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