Sunday, November 6, 2016

Irish Postage Stamps

Don't know if anyone has seen the latest set of postage stamps from an Post, the Irish Postal Service. The set illustrates the many facets of the work of the Commissioner of Irish Lights. The stamps show (from top left working clockwise) CIL working on a buoy; a helicopter at Fanad Head lighthouse; the CIL HQ in Dun Laoghaire; and the CIL service vessel Granuaille steaming past a lighthouse. I've actually been trying to figure out which lighthouse it is. Rotten Island? Dingle? Looks west of Ireland anyway.


  1. Hi Pete,
    I've followed your blog over the last year as I've been illustrating the lihjyhouses around the coast. You might be interested in featuring a few on your site.
    Check out or to get a flavour.
    doesn't seem to be any way of contacting you other than the comments section.
    If you want to get in touch, I'm on
    all the best

  2. Hi Roger, yes, I've seen a few of your Facebook posts and the posters look pretty impressive. Thanks for pointing out my like of email contactability (now rectified!!) Will mail you in the next couple of days.