Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Okay, crap photographs alert. Inishtearaght is the outermost of the Blasket Islands and the lighthouse stands on a precipice on its western end, facing out to sea. It is in fact the westernmost lighthouse in Europe, excluding Iceland. No boats go to Inishtearaght and you can't see the lighthouse from any of the other Blasket Islands (all of which are uninhabited)
So this was the one lighthouse I thought I would never get a photo of, without spending a considerable amount of money. Imagine my excitement, then, when climbing Bray Head on Valentia Island, that I realised I could just make out the string of white dwelling houses. Even at 200 x , the photos are blurred and indistinct but better than nowt, I suppose.

The lighthouse took six years to build and was finally opened for business in 1870. It is said that if you go to Dunquin Pier, you might find a boat owner willing to take you out there for a fee but only if the sea is perfectly calm. Marinas.com has good aerial photographs of this lighthouse here

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