Monday, October 20, 2014

River Barrow and River Suir lights

A selection of lights along the Rivers Barrow and Suir, between Ballyhack and Waterford. Once upon a time, Waterford was the destination of the mail boat from England and the Barrow and Suir weren't the easiest rivers to navigate,

This one is actually described as 'the little lighthouse' in a route of a walk of the area. In Cheekpoint, go down the road next to the store. At the bottom turn left and follow the road around. It degenerates into a path and thence to the river's edge. The lighthouse is about 50m southwards

Don't know if this is a beacon or a daymark. Looks like its on the westerly entrance to Kings Channel, which branches from the Suir to form Little Island, on which sits a swanky hotel and golf course. This view from the little car ferry that visits the island from Ballynakill.

These are all around Cheekpoint where the Barrow and Suir merge.

Took me ages to find this one. Visible from the 13th green at Faithlegg, looking just a little upriver. Actually on Faithlegg grounds. Looks nothing like the photo on Trabas.

Located on the most easterly point of Little Island, again taken from the 13th green at Faithlegg.

Ballyhack, co Wexford, where the car ferry crosses from Passage East in Waterford

Cheekpoint again

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  1. Always nice to document these unique little lights. Great job. Cheers.