Sunday, June 15, 2014

Newry River Front light

 The Newry River runs through Newry (unsurprisingly) and then runs into Carlingford Lough. Before it does so, though, the river goes through a series of narrow shoals near Warrenpoint. The two lights here (best seen from the first roundabout on the Newry side of Warrenpoint - you can actually park on the roundabout) when lined up show the best path up and down the river.

 Both lights are the property of the Warrenpoint Harbour Authority and were erected during the late 1880s by Allan MacDonnell, engineer of the Newry Navigation Company. They were originally lit with an oil lamp but are now electrically powered. It is five years since I was here last and nothing much has changed, though not for want of trying. Apparently they are trying to get a bridge built across the Newry River at this very spot (ie from the roundabout) but it appears political will is waning, even though local support for the project on both sides of the border still runs strong. The two round towers are safe but the bridge would interfere with the lining up of the two towers, so another tower is proposed to be built as part of the bridge impact plans, if and when the project goes ahead.

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