Monday, May 12, 2014

Old Head of Kinsale (2)

A condition that the Golf Course imposed on the Old Head of Kinsale Signal Tower Restoration Fund was that buses be used to convey visitors to and from the new lighthouse. I had hoped that I could walk back as along the way there lay the ruins of the 1665 lighthouse and the 1814 lighthouse. I asked but was told firmly no. The Golf Course was afraid there might be a liability if I was struck on the head by a golf ball, and, not wishing to jeopardise their relationship with the Golf Course, I had to accept that.

I did however ask the bus to pause for a minute so I could take a photo of the cottage style lighthouse through the window. Interesting to see the square cut-out in the roof where the brazier stood and which was supposed to be lit every night. There were other such lighthouses on Howth Head, Hook Head, Loop Head, Island Magee and they were uniquely Irish in design.

The photo above was taken from outside the Golf course perimeter.

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