Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dundalk Pile Light

The last time I was up in the Dundalk area in 2011, I bemoaned the fact that I thought I ought to have been able to see Blackrock Pile Light from the sea front, yet when I got there, there was no sign of it. (I managed to get instead a hazy photo from down along the Cooley peninsula)
I received a very nice email today from Barry Pickup, along with the fantastic photo above. 
Barry says, "I spent my early years up to age seven in a seafront house at Blackrock, Co Louth, and I was often lulled to sleep by its  flashing red light and the sound of the tide. I saw your comment about how difficult it is to see the structure from Blackrock - you must have been there on a hazy day as it is  visible on a clear day. 
I took the attached picture of it from aboard the SS Waverley paddle steamer many years ago ( I forget the date!) which operated Dublin North Wall - Dundalk Harbour & return." 
Built in 1855 by the blind Belfast engineer Alexander Mitchell, screwpile lighthouses were specifically designed to be built in sandy, silty areas where there was no foundation for a conventional light. 
Further information on the light may be found here.
Thanks again Barry!


  1. Another interesting light. Your posts are always great. Cheers. Neal

  2. Thanks Neal. Hope you're keeping well!