Thursday, June 27, 2013

Castletownbere 3

 Built on the sight of the front beacon, Castletown Directional Light was established only in 2011, when Castletownbere 2, a few yards further back was discontinued. Above is a view from the side.
 Above and below, the view from the rear
 The front rectangular panel was originally painted a bright luminous red to act as a daymark but for some reason this has been changed to Black, though I can't see any mention of this fact in CIL's notices to mariners.Apparently, the reason was that the orange/red stripe was fooling the mariners eye and merging with the green light to make it look white. Strange but true. The new colour was introduced around the end of May 2013

 All the photos below show the new Directional light with the old one behind it.
 The light shines through a small hole in the middle of the black panel.

 As the photo above, the luminous red paint is still evident on the light

The light flashes red or green or white, though not at the same time.

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