Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lightship Kittiwake revisited

News in from David Parks (who runs a fascinating fine art and collectibles blog here ) that the Lightship Kittiwake has been acquired by the Dublin Port Company from Harry Crosbie.
Built in 1959, the Kittiwake was the second last lightship to serve in Irish waters. It was sold to developer Mr. Crosbie by the Commissioner of Irish Lights in 2007. Mr Crosbie had well-publicised plans to raise the ship onto the North Wall Quay near the point (sic) where she has been moored near the O2 and convert it into a cafe / restaurant but these plans were scuppered when the Dublin Dockland Development Authority refused permission for the scheme last year. Apparently the DDDA had no objection to the cafe / restaurant part of the scheme but felt the ship should remain on the Liffey rather than be hoisted on dry land.
It will be interesting to see now what lies in store for the Kittiwake.
Original pics here

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