Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dundalk Light

Like a big spider sitting in the middle of Dundalk bay, this is one of only three screwpile lighthouses in Ireland, the others being at Spit Bank and at Moville. It was built by Alexander Mitchell in 1855.
This one is by far the furthest from the shore, hence the hazy picture. In fact, according to the road map, it looked as though it should be visible from Blackrock, near Dundalk but though I parked up on the front, I couldn't see it at all. It was only after driving around and onto the Cooley peninsular that it came into view. Actually, I probably stopped a bit early (where the road skirts the sea and is joined by the R174.) I think I should have carried on up to Giles Quay - it might have been a bit nearer.


  1. My father Frank Ryan was a keeper on Soldiers Point lighthouse (Dundalk pile light) from 1955 until it closed in 1967. Reliefs were made every Tuesday and Friday going out on Tuesday till following Tuesday and back to lighthouse on Friday till following Friday

  2. Thanks for that, Frank. I read somewhere that when the tide was out, the keepers would go ashore for a pint. Not sure if its true, but if so, they'd have to be very quick!