Saturday, February 6, 2010

Copper Point Long Island

More crappy photos, tortuously brought to this blog by non-digital camcorder, DVD hard drive, then a photo of a still image.
Taken from the Schull - Cape Clear ferry as you leave Roaringwater Bay on the way out. Built in 1864, this was a daybeacon only until a light was added thirty years ago.

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  1. For the last five years, one of Ireland's last historic lightships, the Skua, has sat on the north pier of Arklow Harbour rotting. Not only does this have a giant impact on our environment, it is also a huge shame to see such a majestic ship end her days this way.
    This ship has saved many lives during its service to The Irish commissioners' of lights as it guided thousands of sailors safely back to their home shores, but now, owned by a development/construction company and due to the current economic climate it sits and waits. Blue Planet Charity was born out of a desire to take a positive active role in rescuing this historic vessel and insuring an environmentally friendly humanitarian future by converting her into a majestic Tall Ship
    Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Re-utilize, Re manufacture and Re cycle
    With this in mind the aim is to rescue one of Ireland's last lightships the Skua, decommissioned in December 2004 and transform her into a beautiful tall ship,

    The Vision
    To take this ugly duckling and transform her in to a thing of beauty a modern day tall ship, totally embracing new technology wind and solar power and promoting same throughout the world.

    when finished the Skua will be put to work delivering much needed medical supplies, food, and educational goods throughout the third world. Working closely with other charities and provide a platform to launch a youth trust programme providing education and empowerment
    It is our wish that this ship take on a role similar to the Asgard 2, but with a worldwide humanitarian role, flying the Irish flag with pride where ever she goes. We have approached the owner who is willing to sell on to us and is supportive of the overall project, He has also agreed to allow us a twelve month period to raise the required sum fifty thousand euro, It is estimated that the overall project will cost in the region of one million euro and take a period of three years, relying on community support volunteers, State support in the form of F.A.S. student participation and help from the tall ship community. We feel we can achieve this low cost by recycling as much as possible.
    We would ask that you review our application with a view to the people whose lives it will impact in the years to come. The countless millions throughout the third world, the volunteers and community it will impact, The pride she will bestow on the Nation as a hole and the youths whose lives she will impact by allowing us a platform to educate and empower.
    We do not wish to impact on the already dwindling funds for charitable work, but to be allowed the opportunity to become a positive assistance to the established charities by abolishing their shipping costs where ever possible. It is our intention that once up and running this project will become self sufficient by accepting donations from people wishing to travel with us and assist in humanitarian work. We will also extend this opportunity to those that cannot afford it by allowing them to fundraise on our behalf. For more information on the history of the Skua and our project please visit

    come check out the site Pete