Monday, May 4, 2009

Oyster Island co Sligo

This is actually the first lighthouse that you see when coming into Rosses Point but probably viewed best from the coastal path at the head of Rosses Point, from where the Metal Man is best seen. To me, it looks remarkably similar to the Baily Lighthouse in Howth.
Erected in 1821, the same year as the Metal Man, the lights in both lighthouses were changed from gas-powered to solar in 2003.
A brilliant description of life in Oyster Island lighthouse in the 1930s can be found on the Commissioner for Irish Lights website at


  1. Great stuff as usual. I enjoy your blog and used it to help plan out my visits to a few Dublin area lighthouses during a visit in May. Thanks.

  2. Hi Neal,

    Glad I was of some use! I've been checking out your own blog - you have some beauties on it. Particularly like Hearts Content - great name, great colour scheme!


  3. This morning my mother's first cousin, Betty (Nee Hawkins) Allen died. Aged 92 she spent her childhood on Oyster Island where her father, my Great-Uncel Daniel Hawkins was PK. I thought I should add this little piece of family history to your page. The end of an era.

  4. Hi Karin,
    Very sorry to hear your news. Its as though another little piece of history has slipped away. It must have beena strange childhood on Oyster Island, though I suppose if you are used to nothing else....

  5. Does anyone have a list of the men who were in charge of the Metal Man or Oyster Island lights in 1800-1830?

  6. There would be none prior to 1821. For the period 1821 to 1830, I would suggest the Commissioners of Irish Lights in Dun Laoghaire would probably be your best bet