Monday, March 16, 2009

Arklow Roadstone Jetty Lighthouse

Couldn't find this on my flying visit to Arklow last year but succeeded this time!
Heading south, go over the main bridge in Arklow and immediately turn left. Follow the quay road towards the sea, passing the Lightship Skua on the other side of the river. When you reach the small harbour, go around two sides of it. You will then see a signpost for South Beach. Follow the road around, heading south as far as it will go.
At the entrance to the Roadstone works, the narrow road to the left will lead you around to some rocks on the outside of the perimeter fence. A short walk from there will lead you to around 100 yards of the light.
Alternatively and quite illegally, we simply drove through the site unchallenged until we reached the jetty!
The light is situated on top of a corrugated iron building, seemingly at the end of a conveyor belt. It is a red light and has a range of nine miles.
If all lighthouses were as unprepossessing as this, I probably wouldn't have any interest in them. But you don't stop loving one of your children just because he's ugly...

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