Friday, August 15, 2008

Duncannon North

Set in what appears to be someone's garden about a half a mile north of Duncannon Fort Lighthouse (below), this is in fact the original lighthouse that stood in Roches Point in Cork! Built in 1817 it came to Wexford in 1838.
The lighthouse and cottages are located at the end of a short lane which is unfortunately locked by a gate. The two photos above are taken from the road to Arthurstown.
The photo below is taken from Duncannon Fort. Interestingly, the guide there told me that due to a big cock-up while dredging the estuary, the light has recently been put back in active service. Indeed, I noticed it flashing while I was there.


  1. Nice photos, but, the three photos are all of the same lighthouse and one is not, as suggested, of the Fort Lighthouse. As a former inhabitant of the lighthouse, I consider myself qualified to speak on the subject. I've looked up a picture for you and it can be seen at the url below. It's not mine, nor do I know who owns it, so, I can't give you permission to use it. it's the one under the heading "Here are two views of the Duncannon Fort (Range Front) Lighthouse"
    Hope the above is of use to you.
    Martin Kennedy.;f=15;t=001227;p=0

  2. Hi Martin,

    Many thanks for the comment. I am afraid my poor use of English may be the reason for the confusion. When I mention "The Fort Lighthouse (below)" I was in fact referring to the post below, not to the photo below.
    Where else did you serve? Must have been a fascinating life...

  3. An Old Family friend, Fr Noel O Donnell was raised there in the Duncannon Lighthouse. His Father, was employed by Irish Lights as the lighthouse keeper. A family relative of my wife now owns the lighthouse so it was very interesting to visit there this weekend. All the white walls have been sand blasted and the stonework is fantastic.
    Have you any historical info about the lighthouse. Apparently it was dismantled and moved from Cork as it was unsuitable there.

  4. 9 years on Pete - I was only an attendant keeper (i.e. not full time) and only served in Duncannon where I was born and reared.

    1. I have a 22 year old Daniel O'Donnell serving at Roancarrig in 1911. Was this Fr. Noel's dad. Duncannon, like many lighthouses on the mainland does not have a great amount of history attached to it. A Hugh Dugan fell down the stairs and was killed in the 1880s.

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