Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aleria (Drogheda) Lighthouse, Drogheda

Another spectacular failure to locate a lighthouse. The Lighthouse Directory says it is "located at the end of a rubblestone jetty on the north side of the entrance of the River Boyne." Preliminary mapwork was not hopeful as there appeared to be no roads going anywhere near the entrance of the Boyne on the north bank. I drove to the village of Baltray and then down a track, which was really one big pothole interspersed with little bits of laneway.
After about 1km of this, I seriously began to worry for the underside of the car, my exhaust and my tyres. I have a Toyota Yaris, not a bloody Freelander. I stopped, got out and walked on another half a mile or so but could still see no sign of the object of my search, so turned around and came back.
The picture above is of one of the many beacons that mark the Boyne from Drogheda Port to the mouth. They reminded me of the monastic beehive huts found on Skellig Michael.

(Found this lighthouse later. See here)


  1. Get to aleria via mornington beach and see it from the southside of the river

  2. I figured it out eventually, Fergal!!