Monday, August 31, 2009

South Rock (Kilwarlin) Lighthouse

Driving north from Portaferry on the A2, after about 5 miles, you finally hit the sea at Cloughey, Cloghy, Cloughy or Cloghey and lo and behold, gazing out onto the still waters, there are two objects sticking up above the horizon.
This is the more southerly of the two, the famous South Rock or Kilwarlin Lighthouse. Built by Thomas Rogers in 1797, it is the oldest waveswept lighthouse in Ireland and possibly in the world. It was replaced by the South Rock lightship in 1877.

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  1. Just did a search to see if you mentioned my ship. My ship (Gannet) was moored off South Rock until Feb 2009 when it was sold. I have yet to find a good photo of the rock. This one looks great.