Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Valentia Directional Light

Didn't do my homework on this one and spurned an opportunity to bag a second lighthouse.
The Valentia Directional Light is situated not far from Knightstown on Valentia Island. Take the road out of Knightstown and turn right at the church to take the high road across the island. About 200 yards further on, take a right turn for the coastal road down to Glanleam House. Not far down this road is the tell-tale CIL red gate with the usual dire warnings of death to all who venture within.

Actually there is not much space to get a clear view of the lighthouse which comprises a conical white tower with a wide orange stripe together with an equipment hut. You can get clearer views further down the coast, even from Cromwell Point Lighthouse, so long as you have a decent zoom.

An unlighted beacon was established here in 1891 to guide vessels past Harbour Rock. Itt was lighted in 1913 and maintained by the relief keepers in the nearby Knightstown cottages. The front light previously had a red stripe. On 26 February 2011 a new directional light was established in the same position as the old front lead with a character of Dir Oc. W R G 4s (3.0 + 1.0) and sectored as follows: Green 136° -140° (4° ), White 140° -142° (2° ), Red 142° -146° (4° ). The light is shown 24 hours a day.This is the light shown.

Unfortunately, what I didn't know, was that this is only the front light. There is also a rear directional light, consisting of a red stripe on a white wall, 18 meters higher up on the other side of the road.

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