Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ballycurrin Lighthouse

Probably one of my favourite lighthouses, it is claimed that this is the only inland lighthouse of its type in Europe, though I don't know what 'of its type' means. It is situated on Lough Corrib, Ireland's second largest lake and was apparently built by Sir Henry Lynch, who needed a marker to get his provisions off the Galway to Cong ferry. The roof is apparently made from a mill wheel though it was raining when I visited and I felt I didn't want to risk scrambling over the wet stones to get onto it.
To find it (and I can't quite figure out the geography even though my sense of direction has always been pretty good) travel from Galway to Headford on the N84. At the green petrol station cum supermarket on the left hand side in the centre of the town, turn left on the road marked R334 to Cong.
This is where I get confused. Lough Corrib should naturally be on your left hand side. However, about three miles along the road, there is a small brown sign marked Ballycurrin Lighthouse pointing to the right. This is the only sign you will see. Take it and kind of follow the road as best you can. How this road ends on the lake, I have no idea!
On a bend you will see what looks like a private road marked for Ballycurrin House. Take it, its not far. When the grass grows thick in the middle of the road, you're there.


  1. Great picture and beautiful lighthouse. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Neal

  2. Very sorry. I take your point but I always delete anonymous posts.
    When I was there, I saw no signs indicating that the road was private and I was in fact directed up there by a local.
    Of course, that doesn't mean the road isn't private

  3. We want to add Ballycurrin to our Atlas of Ingenious Irish places, and wondered could we use your photo to illustrate the entry? We would credit the image and link to your website.

    We visited Ballycurrin at dusk, and the photos we have are quite poor.
    Thanks for any help.

  4. Yes, of course, by all means use the photo. Good luck with the project!

  5. My sister lives beside this lighthouse and the older people of the area dispute that it was built by Sir Henry Lynch, who needed a marker to get his provisions off the Galway to Cong ferry. they will tell you that it was in fact built by his wife so that he coud make his way home after visiting the pubs in Galway & Cong , The roof is indeed made from a mill wheel

  6. Hi Mary. What a brilliant story. I hope its true!

  7. Love your photo and article, as well as the comment from Mary. I'm a novelist and am using Ballycurrin Lighthouse as a small scene in my WIP. I've also done a blog post with your photo, crediting you:

  8. Hi Ella,
    Totally agree that Mary's comment brings this lighthouse to life! Good luck with the novel!

  9. Great picture Peter. Invokes so many warm ideas.