Friday, August 15, 2008

Dunmore East Lighthouse

Located at the end of the original harbour wall in Dunmore East, this Romanesque lighthouse guarded one side of the Barrow / Suir estuary, the other side watched over by Hook Head. Despite this, this whole area is known as the Graveyard of a Thousand Ships.
The lighthouse is built into a wall - the entrance must be through one of the green doors on the wall??

Consequently, the lighthouse is a lot shorter and squatter when viewed from the seaward side!!

Dunmore East Lighthouse with Hook Head across the river in the background. Further up the coast from Dunmore East (and consequently on the Waterford side of the river) is the village of Crooke - this is the origin of the phrase "By Hook or by Crooke."

There is a bit of a spur built on from the lighthouse on the old harbour wall. A new light guards this spur.

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